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At Limitless Management Group, we love making our customers happy. But don’t just take it from us! Here’s what our satisfied customers have to say:

Cristian is a great enthusiastic man!

Batuhan provided excellent service. In addition to answering all questions, he also gave excellent details about the product. He went above and beyond by answering any of my questions even after the appointment. Polite and professional!

- Mavra Saadat

I met with Jared on my doorstep at about 7:30 pm, and despite the cold and time of night, he was very professional, personable, and helpful. He knew how to approach a fellow neighbor at their doorstep and provide me with an environment that was very easy to decide on the offer he presented to me. Answered all my questions as well as taking extra steps to help all in the freezing cold!! Despite how much we talked about the blistering cold, he proceeded to stay on task.

If you ask me, this man deserves a raise or promotion!

- Donald Hartman

I just had the pleasure of speaking with Ty and his trainee! They were both so kind and informative without pushing anything I wasn’t interested in. They both interacted with my newborn daughter, and dog and asked about my gecko! With all the stress of moving into a new home with a new child, they made getting my internet and cable set up easier (and cheaper!) than I imagined! Ty, the Verizon Guy, was an absolute peach, and I look forward to actually calling him (a real-life person!!!) instead of dreading yelling “representative” to an automated service for an hour until I get so frustrated I hang up, like with previous services. Miss talking to a human? (an incredibly nice and funny one at that) Call Ty! Fifteen minutes felt like catching up with an old friend, and I was good to go! Give this man a raise! You don’t find customer service like this anymore!

- April DeVoy

Cooksey was an awesome Verizon rep and very informative. He was able to get scheduled to have service installed promptly! Very impressed! Thank you again!

- Kristin Aldinger

This group clearly has a top employee working for them! I got the pleasure of speaking with one of the agents named Cooksey. He was honestly a pleasure to speak to, and before he even pitched to me, I saw him as a friend. He was extremely professional and articulate, something I really admired. Overall, he was a joy to talk to!!

- Ciera Sandra

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