Top Five Things To Look For When Hiring Direct Marketing, Sales Managers, Or Entrepreneurs

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Through the pandemic, many companies had to make changes to the ways they were handling their work. With remote working and other changes, companies were unsure of the way they could meet their requirements. A large number of them could not keep up and had to let go of many of their departments. People were out of work, and some departments were also shutting down. 

Having lived through the pandemic for more than a year, there were a few changes as things progressed, many were now getting vaccinated, with mask mandates enforced, so companies were getting back to work. However, there were other changes that they were getting through, and most of them did not want to bring back their marketing division and were open to outsourcing to companies who were good at sorting out their marketing needs.

We went through various processes and learned that there were many questions that we could answer to get some assistance and headway on processes revolving around finding good marketing strategies for multiple companies to work with. We thought we would document some of these changes to assist others when picking companies to outsource their marketing to. These would help them make an informed decision before picking a company that would be assisting with the process.

1. Must be P.H.D.! We don’t mean that they need a Ph.D. but should be Poor, Hungry, and Determined!
Most companies should be looking for marketing specialists who are experts at the work that they are doing. They would ideally want someone who is good at what they do and should always strive for more. Their only competition should be the targets that they set and their reasons for getting through them. There are other changes that they would have to get through, and they want to get through the process.

2. Student Mentality!
Must be willing to be a forever student and humble themselves to learn from anyone at any time. There are some aspects of the job that they have to learn, and they should use that information to help the client grow. There are many changes constantly taking place, and you want them to pick up on those and use that information to assist the company they work with. You want someone who might have experience working over the last couple of years but is also learning about the new trends, they are planning on making changes to the process and improving the work they otherwise do.

3. Strong Work Ethic!
Much of our marketing is based on the Law of Averages, so I need someone to outwork everyone else willing to put in the time and effort every single day, even if they aren’t having a great day outside of work (compartmentalization). They should be punctual, they should be ready with updates for their meetings, their clients should always feel like they are a part of the process. There should not be a point in time where the client is uncertain about the work done. A strong work ethic would assist any company stick away from the crowd.

4. Positive Attitude!
Must have a glass-half-full outlook on things and a strong mentality. Mental fortitude is key when dealing with rejection in sales and marketing and to be able to keep a strong positive attitude throughout the day is a must. Also, people’s attitudes are contagious, so it is great to be surrounded by an office full of individuals who always find the positives in potentially negative situations.

5. Must have Massive Goals!
In our industry, it gets hard to overcome rejection unless an individual has massive goals. If there is no strong vision or large goals then the obstacles in the way look like Mount Everest. However, if an individual has gigantic goals and a strong vision of where they want to go, then those potential negatives will seem like small speed bumps in the road to success. The only way any company can grow is if the people within it are great at setting goals that they always strive to reach. No one should be content and always push for so much more.

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